Duel Identity Mug

Mug for fencers: I have a duel identity

Duel Identity Mug


Mug for fencers: I have a duel identity

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Fencing is not just a sport or recreation, it’s a lifestyle!

Once you tried fencing and fell in love with it, your are not the same person. You have changed. You are different. You have a duel identity!

We have this funny mug design with a bit of pun about a dual life we live – one in real world where we go to school and work like normal people. But in the evenings and sometimes weekends we turn into completely different human being – strong, brave, with a thirst for victory. With the swords in our hands we challenge opponents and either defeat them or learn a lesson.

To celebrate this lifestyle of a fencer, we offer you this mug.

I Have a Duel Identity Mug for Fencers

Hand holding 15oz Duel Identity MugFencing Duel Identity Mug Red
Duel Identity Mugs Stacked

Mug features an original drawing of the dueling fencers and the text saying “I have a duel identity”. It’s perfect for all fencers – young and veterans. Makes a great gift!

  • Duel identity fencing mug
  • Great gift for fencers or fencing coaches
  • Original design, from our fencing family to yours

Accent Mug

Add a splash of color with one of our accent mugs. These mugs feature colored handle and inside of the mug, with a two sided print of our original fencing illustration. Perfect gift for fencers of all ages.

  • High gloss + premium white finish with ORCA coating
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Two sided print
  • Mugs are shipped from USA and EU locations
  • Colored handle and inside

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