About Us

It's all started with a summer fencing camp

Intro to fencing sport at the summer camp
Fencing Competition - waiting for her turn in DE
Me with Alisa at a local competition

Fencing is not the most popular sport, at least, not in Canada. But when my daughter Alisa was 8 years old we stumbled upon one-week long summer fencing camp. So, we were curious about the sport and decided to give it a try…

She is fencing at the national level now and we dedicate a lot of time to training and going to all kind of fencing competitions. I was looking at T-Shirts they sell at competitions, which are ok, but somewhat limited… Finally, I decided to give it a try myself.

Math, Web Design and Cartoons

Our first hoodie

With the degree in math, I have worked in web design since finishing university and my career started with the advertising agency and I’ve been creating web applications, websites and apps since then. In addition to coding, I started drawing cartoons and then, later, that lead to starting FencingLove.com.

First, I created a few sample illustrations to give it a try and when Alisa discovered those on Instagram, she wanted to get one for herself. Finally, when a stranger from the other end of the world ordered one of my t-shirts online, I decided to share more illustrations.

Making fencers look cool off piste

Here is a little sneak peek of how the design process works. First of all, getting some inspiration of course! This cartoon was based on photo of Alisa from the local competition. Starting with a pencil sketch, making a digital drawing and finally putting it on a t-shirt.

From Calgary with Love

We live in Calgary, Canada and our products are printed on demand in Canada, USA and Europe and shipped worldwide to fencers like you. If you buy a t-shirt or hoodie, please share your photo on Facebook or Instagram and tag us – seeing someone wearing my designs always makes my day!