Fencing Girls Stickers Sheet

Fencing Girls Stickers Sheet


Fencing women cartoons to decorate laptops, notebooks and other belongings of a fencer.

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Featuring cartoon drawings of fencing women, these stickers are designed for fearless girl fencers. Use stickers to decorate and personalize your everyday items with elements of your favorite sport (which is for sure fencing!)

Stickers are printed on a sheet 5.5×5.5" (that’s 14x14cm) and each individual sticker is about 2.5" (6.5cm). That makes them perfect size for laptops, notebooks and other items.

We offer flat rate shipping on all stickers, so add get more than one sheet for extra savings.

* Women fencing cartoons
* Great to decorate laptop, notebooks, etc
* 4 stickers set – about 2.5" (6.5cm) each


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